Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework (VDCF)

VDCF is a platform management framework for the Solaris Operating System. This tool helps you to safe time, deploy & update faster, avoid errors and build a secure and standardized Environment. Using VDCF you can easily combine both virtualization technologies (Zones/Containers and Logical Domains) to get the most flexibility and benefit for your agile Enterprise Grade Private Cloud environment.

On the central management server all configuration items are stored in the Configuration Repository for easy analysis. VDCF includes features for the whole server life cycle: Deployment, Live/Migration, Failover, Patching, Upgrades, Security/Compliance, Disaster Recovery, Automation, Monitoring and Software Deployment.


VDCF WebCasts

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Analysis Features

ZPool online replication


Getting started

Efficient Virtualization of Oracle Solaris (LDoms/Zones)

Manage Solaris 11 IPS Repositories

Installing a Solaris 11 LDOM

LDOM live migration


Presentations about SPARC, Solaris and VDCF:

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Dec 2017: Oracle Systems Summit, Sicherheit, Compliance, Höchstleistung – alles inklusive in SPARC/Solaris Architekturen (German)
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VDCF Product Documentation

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Customer satisfaction survey

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