Virtual Datacenter Cloud Framework (VDCF)

VDCF is a platform management framework for the Solaris Operating System. VDCF allows to deploy, operate, migrate, monitor and secure a virtualized data center based on Solaris 10 and 11 Zones (Containers) and/or Logical Domains controlled by a central management server. Using VDCF you can easily combine both virtualization technologies to get the most flexibility and benefit for your agile Enterprise Grade Private Cloud environment.

More about VDCF

VDCF Downloads – Current version

Current Version is: 8.0 (Release Notes)

VDCF is available in two distinct editions:
A commercial edition with full functionality and support and a free edition with the same functionality but limited in the amount of manageable objects (Server / Zones) and without any support and guarantee. For downloading the commercial edition you need a valid VDCF support contract and a registered user account.

VDCF bundles

Current Version 8.0.14 – Date: 21.09.2020

Bundles include all VDCF packages and tools for installing and upgrading an existing VDCF environment.

VDCF Enterprise Edition bundle (sparc / i386)
for Enterprise Licenses
Includes: Base/Patch, vServer, LDom, Resource Management, Monitoring,
Veritas FS, Solaris and Veritas Cluster

VDCF Standard Edition bundle (sparc / i386)
for Standard Licences and Subscription HA
Includes: Base/Patch, vServer, LDom, Resource Management, Monitoring

VDCF Entry Edition bundle (sparc / i386)
for Entry Licenses and Subscription Light
Includes: Base/Patch, vServer, LDom, Resource Management

VDCF prerequisites

Third party Software VDCF is based on. Packages for sparc or i386
(ONLY required when installing on Solaris 10, last updated 01/2016)

VDCF Downloads – Previous versions

If you are upgrading from an older Version of VDCF you may need to install some of these intermediate Versions first.