SPARC performance enhancements over time

In recent years, the SPARC CPU performance has increased significantly. Single thread performance of a SPARC M8 is now up to 3 times faster than with the older SPARC T4 CPU! 

If you've been waiting to upgrade your older SPARC systems, now it's the time to do so.

We're also reselling Oracle SPARC hardware. We would be happy to help you finding the correct server solution for your needs.
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Oracle SPARC Server

Oracle's SPARC servers are categorized into three groups known as "Scale-out", "Midrange" and "High-End".

By converging software functions into silicon, this branch of servers provides true integration from application to processor. SPARC servers also have always-on memory intrusion protection and comprehensive data encryption to secure your servers against any cyber threats. SPARC servers are also engineered for clould optimization. 

Current "scale-out" S7 Server are based on the SPARC S7 processor, the "Midrange" T8 systems on the other hand do have the larger SPARC M8 processor integrated. 

Oracle SPARC S7 Server
Engineered for information security, Oracle’s SPARC S7-2 Server provides extreme per-core efficiency for cloud applications, plus dramatic acceleration of data analytics implemented in its scale-out infrastructure.
Oracle SPARC T8 Server

Oracle’s SPARC T8 servers are the world’s most advanced systems for enterprise workloads. Coengineering of hardware and software results in significantly faster performance for databases and Java applications.